1. TARGETplus provides proven progress tool for the Boards.
  2. TARGETplus can be taken in online or in Paper & Pencil formats.
  3. A TARGETplus Session has three parts:
    • It begins with an assessment.
    • Students get their personal diagnostic feedback and smart study plan.
    • A unique learning round clears doubts and improves learning in a matter of minutes, not hours.
  4. STUDENTS may take the online session directly.
  5. SCHOOLS may participate in two main ways:
    • COMPULSORY: Conduct Diagnostic Pre-Board as a Paper & Pencil (Compulsory Mode) or online session in exam conditions (Compulsory or Optional). We guarantee better results or provide full refund in the Compulsory Mode in at least one subject and section.
    • OPTIONAL: Encourage students to take TARGETplus on optional basis to boost results.
  6. BOOKSELLERS and other Partners may print coupons with their dealership name and provide these to students and schools in their reach.




“Target Plus was actually helpful for all of us. It helped us not only to focus the strong areas but basically the weaker areas. TargetPlus made us identify weak areas in meritorious students that actually helped us to strengthen all weak areas. Similarly, we could focus upon a more strategic planning for weak students; focus on some easy topics which helped them to score well in board exams.”

Rachana Gupta

“TargetPlus is definitely a harbinger of new hope and will culminate the realization of the long cherished dreams of our children. The best thing about target plus is that it was based on the principle of ‘Compete with yourself’. The teacher came to know about the weak areas of the children and was able to focus on them. Target Plus was definitely very helpful for us in improving the result of our campus. Last year had 29 ninety percent holders, this year it increased to 43. We also got two national toppers, Achintya Veer Singh at 8th place and Shivani Singh at 10th place.”

Tariq Ahmad

“TargetPlus had the answers so there was no wastage of time in finding the answers. We got a leaflet on how to get marks by using 10 cool keys.”

Ishita Jaiswal
CMS Gomtinagar II

“The target plus mock test was a plus point for all the students. It was like a revision for us. The questions covered the whole syllabus. The questions were very close to the ICSE pattern. Some were also asked in the board paper.”

Fatima Razi
CMS Student
Mahanagar III

“It is the first time that I have scored beyond 80% and the credit goes to Target Plus. After appearing for TargetPlus examination, I was able to focus on my weak chapters. I referred to those papers for the preparation of my board exams and it really helped me out. Please make papers for all the 10 subjects.”

Subarna Pramani
CMS Mahanagar III

“In biology we are Number 1 (in the country) and somewhere the test (TargetPlus) really helped the children and the teachers. I found TargetPlus to be very very good for the students. We are planning to have it in our next session also. Teacher would benefit because she would know the weaknesses of the students, parents would benefit because more practice leads to better results.”


“TargetPlus had conceptual questions which were not given in comparatives. It helps a lot prepare for the examinations. About 35-40% questions were similar in mock test and board examinations. It will not be possible to get this percent without this mock test”

Ambuj Pandey
CMS Gomtinagar II

“In TargetPlus, it was pin-pointed topic-wise and chapter-wise how the children can improve in a particular area. That was a plus point. So teachers got insight on where to focus. When children were actually sitting for the board examination, they were more confident on Math and science subjects specially. Their performance in the board examination was really really much much better than we expected. Thanks to TargetPlus because it really proved very very good for our students.”

Sunita Dwivedi

“Target Plus Diagnostic Mock Test Program is a wonderful program. Children were very happy with the way it was conducted and the questions that had appeared in the paper. Last year, we had 60 children both in ISC and ICSE getting above 90%; this year we had 96 children getting 90% and above both in ISC and ICSE examinations.”

Prema Subramaniam

“It is a very good tool for assessing the students, for identifying their strong and weak areas. A student is able to understand his weak and strong areas and can work on them to get the better result. For teachers also it is helpful. The teacher can make the students study those topics well and then can achieve the desired and a better results.”

Shailly Srivastava
Senior Teacher



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